Demo Project Portals are available for your sales process. We have created demo user accounts which must be used during your demo. The demo users have access to all of the links and processes within the site - your own account will not.

Demo System Link

If you have trouble accessing this link, use the "Help!" tab on the right side of this page to log a support ticket.

Demo Process

  1. Book the demo system
  2. Download the latest versions of the script, overview, pitch, etc.
  3. Book a demo project portal and demo customer login
  4. Prior to your demo, prepare and test access to the demo portal
  5. Run your demo
  6. Reset the portal to its original state if you changed any of the demo data

You will need to create current data and log a support ticket for the Portal Administrator to assist you to create new project portal for your demo. You must give at least 5 days lead time for this to occur so your request can be prioritised with customer portal build work.

How to test the portal before your demo

  • Reliable internet connection, Chrome recommended
  • Log out of your own account before demo
  • Log into the portal as the demo customer user
  • Open up smartsheets (select Google icon option)
  • Test launch of all smartsheets
  • Open up prepare and verify phase drive folders
  • Test all links in the portal to be demoed

Demo Project Portal Collateral

  • We have created demo portals, demo users, demo script pitch and process.
  • Ensure you download the most recent versions of the collateral before each demo.
  • Access here.

Note: this documentation has not been updated since 2015 and will need some tweaking by you.

Book a demo

  • Bookings are made via the Digital Platform Bookings calendar.
  • Log a support ticket if you don't have access to this calendar

When you book the demo project portal, be sure to:

  • Include subject: Demo of System/Product- Your Name - Demo Project Portal Name and Demo User Details
  • Book time before and after for custom changes to be applied and removed
  • DO NOT book out the "All Day" option as it is very difficult to see
  • Factor in the time zone

How to add the Demo Calendar to your own Google calendars

  1. Log onto your Google Calendar and select the drop down menu next to ‘Other Calendars’
  2. Select 'Add a colleague's calendar' and paste this link in the 'Contact email' field:
  3. Click 'Add'