Module: Project Portals

The purpose of this article is to outline the dependencies and configuration behind the effective operation of the Project Portal Dashboard Gadgets.

SolutionTrac | Project Portals use Smartsheets for the Project Plan, Defect, Issues, and Risks. These form the core of the Project Portals. If there's an error with Smartsheets, our Project Portals won't display the correct information.

The Project Schedule triggers the dials on the Project Portal. To ensure the Project Portal is displaying the correct information, please make sure that the following Column Headings aren't changed:

  • Phase: 4 Project Methodology Phases + Go-Live
  • Category
  • Task Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Duration
  • % Complete

The same applies to the others, as shown below:




Points to Note

  • Make sure the headings aren't changed or modified. Do not change the character case like Lower to upper etc.
  • Do not change the values in the drop-down for the required columns (i.e. the columns used to display the home page graphs)
  • You can add new columns - no issues!
  • You can move the columns around - all good!

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