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Licensed Smartsheet User

Smartsheet is a software as a service (SaaS) application for collaboration and work management that is used with the Project Portals. It forms an integral part of the Project Portals as it is used to assign tasks and track project progress. It has a spreadsheet-like user interface.

If you're using Smartsheets for the first time in your organization, you will get on the free 30-day trial which enables you to test out the features before purchasing. By default, the free trial gives you access to the numerous features available. As you near the end of the trial, you need to ensure that at least one account is a licensed user of Smartsheets.

30 Days Trial Period - Features Available

  • You can create up to fifty active sheets.
  • You can collaborate on sheets.
  • You can try all features available: Sharing, Web Forms, Reporting, etc., except the ability to publish web forms. While you can create, preview and test web forms during the free trial, the options to generate a public URL and embed code are only available on forms owned by licensed users.
  • If your trial expires, you won’t lose access to your sheets immediately – they’ll become read-only for 90 days. During that time, you can transfer ownership of these sheets to a licensed user to continue using them, or export the sheets to save them to your computer. Sheets you still own after 90 days, will be deleted from Smartsheet.


  1. Click Account > Account Admin > Plan & Billing Info.
  2. Click Upgrade My Account, if you are a trial subscriber, or Upgrade/Change Plan, if you are an existing subscriber. The Change Your Plan form appears.
  3. Click the radio button for the plan you want and select your payment term.
  4. Click Save.


Points to Note

  • Smartsheet Data Security - Smartsheet has numerous data security features that secure all information within the worksheets. These include; data encryption, internal security, multi-layer data access permissions ad third-party assessment requirements to conform to security policy and procedures
  • Smartsheet User Security - Global security controls to manage and audit access, ownership and usage, different user permissions, audit trails showing who has made every sheet change, authentication and single sign-on.
  • We strongly suggest that you consult with your IT Support Team in your organization.
  • For more information, visit Smartsheet Help.
  • If your looking for information specific to Smartsheet Plan & Billing, visit

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