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Project Portal

Smartsheet is 3rd party software used to manage the governance registers within the Project Portal, e.g. project risks, issues and schedule. You must have, at minimum, a free Smartsheet account to view the worksheets in the Portal UI and directly in the Smartsheet application.

Workspaces are a collection of worksheets. A workspace is permissioned to users, granting access to all worksheets in the collection. A project can have any number of different worksheets/workspaces, however, the worksheets visible in the Portal UI is defined by the Layout used.


Permissions for the workspace can vary from Admin, Viewer, Editor-can share or Editor-cannot share. A user can only view workspaces or worksheets that have been shared with them. For more information regarding sharing and permissions please use Smartsheet help or simply click the 'Help' icon at the top of the Smartsheet page.


Smartsheets have alerts which allows a specified user to receive an email notification based on user defined conditions, e.g. when other people make changes to the worksheet, This notification can be sent to an number of people at specific times and only when certain information has changed. Please use SmartSheet help for more information regarding how to use alerts.

Points to Note

  • Access to Smartsheet- Smartsheet is a subscription-based service, so your access depend on whether your company has a license, but everyone can be a collaborator! When you enter Smartsheet for the first time, you will automatically commence a 30 day trial. If you create a sheet (or sheets) in your trial that you’d like to keep, you’ll need to request a licence or transfer the ownership to a user with a licence. For more information please visit:
  • A Portal Administrator in your organisation must have a paid account in order to create Workspaces and Worksheets for Portals that are created for your projects.
  • Smartsheet Data Security - Smartsheet has numerous data security features that secure all information within the worksheets. These include; data encryption, internal security, multi-layer data access permissions ad third-party assessment requirements to conform to security policy and procedures
  • Smartsheet User Security - Global security controls to manage and audit access, ownership and usage, different user permissions, audit trails showing who has made every sheet change, authentication and single sign-on,
  • Refer to for further information.

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