Module: Resource Management
Project Portal


The Project Portal is a dynamic workbench to enable you to connect to the project team & documents in real-time. It will define and maintain a clear road-map for lasting relationships with your customers. The information within the Project Portal is fed from Smartsheets, which is an application for collaboration and work management used to assign tasks, track project progress, and share information with the all project team members.

The Issue Register is part of the Project Management governance processes. The register tracks Project Issues so they can be closely monitored and resolved. The register includes the following key data:

  • Issues ID: Automatically generated number to provide the issue with a unique ID.
  • Status: Using the drop down list select whether the status of the issue is open or closed.
  • Date Raised: Enter the date the issue was originally raised.
  • Raised by: Business representative or project team member who raised the issues. Select from the contact list or type the name manually.
  • Owner: Person responsible for resolving the issue. Select from the contact list or type the name manually.
    Issue: Title: Add a meaningful title of the issue.
  • Issue Description: Briefly describe what the issue is and how it arose. This should be no more than a few sentences.
  • Impact Analysis: Provide a brief analysis of the impact to the project if the issue is not resolved. Also consider which areas may be impacted by the issue and what the potential cost and timings will be needed to resolve the issue.
  • Impact Level: Using the drop down list select whether the issue will have a critical, high, medium or low impact on the project if not resolved.
  • Current Resolution Strategy: Outline the decision on how the issue is to be resolved.
  • Actions: List any actions that will need to be completed to resolve the issue.
  • Action Owner: State who is responsible for completing the action. Select from the contact list or type the name manually.
  • Action Due by Date: State the date that the action is due to be completed.
  • Action Completion Date: State the date the action was actually completed.
  • Date Resolved/ Become CR: Enter the date of when the issue was either resolved or became a change request.

Points to Note

  • Permissions - The project team and customer team are permissioned separately. Each person may have different permissions in the project portal which will vary what they are able to do within the project portal (e.g. viewing documents, editing documents and uploading new documents)

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