Module: Project Management


Moving folders or documents within the Project Portals can only be done within Resource Management tool, this tool can only be accessed if you have the right permissions (Resource Managers or Project Managers). Both folders and documents can be moved using this same process. If Talent or Customer need a folder or document moved they must contact the PM of the project and ask for this to be done.

Please follow these steps to Move a Folder or Document:

  1. Log into Resource Management and select Portal
  2. Find the Project you want to move the folder or document within (use the search bar on the left)
  3. Click on the specific Project, then select Portal from the ribbon menu and then Documents


  1. Find the folder or document you want to move and then click on it.
  2. Select the folder icon in the pop-up side modal


  1. Select the destination folder
  2. Save to move


Points to Note

  • Feature Availability - This feature is only available to the power user in the backend.
  • Project Portal Permissions - Each person may have different permissions in the project which will vary what they are able to do within the project portal (e.g. viewing documents, editing documents and uploading new documents).

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